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What We Do

Every year we help 13,000 young people in New Zealand enjoy new adventures, experience the outdoors, make new connections, and gain confidence. We give young people the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Working alongside our youth members are thousands of adult volunteers who bring a diverse range of skills, talent, and expertise to the Movement. There are a huge variety of roles and opportunities available for those wanting to volunteer with us.

Our programme focuses on three core areas; personal development, adventure, and community engagement. Using these three main areas we aim to foster development in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of young people. Scouts Aotearoa provides a safe, nurturing environment where they are encouraged to be their best selves

Our Uniform.

Our Programme

Every week you can expect your young person to spend an evening doing adventurous, challenging, active, and inclusive activities.  One night there might be a scavenger hunt around town. The next week they might be planning a tramping trip.  All the fun, adventure and challenges are designed to help your young person’s social, physical and mental, intellectual, character, emotional, and spiritual development.

More information on the youth programme can be found here.