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Our Uniform

The Scouts Uniform

All sections at Mayfield Scouts wear the Land Scouts uniform.

The Land Scout uniform consists of a grey shirt, black shorts, or pants with black shoes. Sometimes, youth will wear an activity T-Shirt, this may be the Mayfield Scout Group T-Shirt or the Scouts Adventure Plus T-Shirt.

The Land Scouts shirt can be purchased online from Scouts Direct (here).

Badges are sewn onto the grey shirt. This Badge Placement Guide illustrates where badges should be located on the shirt.

Badge Placements

Mayfield Scouts Jumper & T-Shirts

In addition to the Scouts uniform, Mayfield Scouts also has a T-shirt available, which is worn during adventurous activities. The Mayfield T-shirts are custom printed and made of quick-dry material. They can include the youth’s name on the back, beneath the Mayfield Scouts Logo. It is recommended that each member invests in this T-shirt.

There is also an option to have a Mayfield hoodie/Jumper. These have the same design as the T-shirts and can be worn over top of any uniform.

Both the T-shirts and hoodies are good quality and made to last. Prices are included on the order form.

T-shirts and hoodies are ordered by downloading, completing, and emailing the order form to

Mayfield Scouts T-Shirt & Hoodie Order Form link.

Below is an example of the Mayfield Scouts hoodie.

Hoodie Front
Hoodie Rear