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Venturers create and run their own programmes and use their experiences to push boundaries and become leaders in their communities.

Venturers are provided with opportunities to experience a range of adventures. It is for youth aged between 14 and 18 years old (Years 11 – 13 at school).

Venturers meet on Friday evenings from 7:00pm and are part of the Rangitoto Venturer Unit (Zone Unit).

As a Venturer you will:

  • Create lasting friendships and connect with others across the country.
  • Plan and lead your own adventurous experiences.
  • Learn important skills for life and tackle the big issues facing the young people of today.
  • Create a positive impact in your communities.
  • Participate in National and International Events, like Venture, Regional Camps, National Schools, and World Jamboree.
  • Have tons of fun!