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Matters affecting the use of the Venue

1. The Hirer shall have the exclusive use of the hall for the Event/Activity during the Hire Period.

2. Mayfield Scout Group does not warrant that the Venue is suitable for any particular purpose. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the Venue is suitable for the proposed Event/Activity.

3.The Hirer must not enter the Venue before the commencement of the Hire Period for each Event/Activity and must have completed all packing up and cleaning/tidying/rubbish removal, etc, and have vacated the Venue by the end of the Hire Period for the Event/Activity.

Payment of Hire Fee

4. The Hirer must, no later than 5 (five) working days prior to the start date for the Event/Activity, submit 2 (two) signed copies of the Venue Hire Agreement together with the Hire Fee.

Bond (If Required)

5. Mayfield Scout Group may determine, at its absolute discretion, that a refundable bond for the sum set out in the Venue Hire Form is required. If so, deductions will be made from the bond if Mayfield Scout Group, acting reasonably, determines that: • The Venue and/or any of Mayfield Scout Group’s property in the Venue is destroyed or damaged/is required to be reinstated. • Cleaning/tidying/rubbish removal is required to be carried out by Mayfield Scout Group. • The Hire Period is exceeded. • There is loss to, or costs incurred by, Mayfield Scout Group as a result of any other breach of this Agreement.

6. Provided that Mayfield Scout Group is satisfied with the condition of the Venue at the termination of the Hire Period, the Bond will be refunded in full within 10 working days.

7. In the event that the Bond is insufficient to compensate Mayfield Scout Group for any costs/losses incurred, the Hirer shall pay Mayfield Scout Group the shortfall on demand.

Hirer’s General Obligations

8. The Hirer will:

a) Be responsible for any damage caused to the Venue; b) Be responsible for all security at the Venue; c) Keep all noise to reasonable levels. (The noise level shall not exceed Auckland Council limits for residential areas); d) Ensure that the maximum number of persons specified for the Venue is not exceeded; e) Be solely responsible for all property and equipment brought to the Venue by the Hirer, and the Hirer’s employees, agents, contractors, members, guests and/or invitees; f) Maintain a no smoking policy in the Venue and surrounding grounds; g) Not do anything that compromises any insurance cover; h) Unless permitted under the Special Terms, not permit the use of smoke machines, fireworks or candles, or allow any articles that are determined by Mayfield Scout Group, at its absolute discretion, to be objectionable or dangerous to be brought on to the Venue; i) Permit Mayfield Scout Group’s representative(s) to be present at the Venue at all reasonable times and comply with all reasonable requests and/or directions given by them in relation to any aspect of the use of the Venue; j) Not permit any disorderly conduct in or around the Venue or allow anything to be done by those attending the Event/Activity, which is or may become a nuisance or source of damage or annoyance to any persons at, or in proximity to the Venue. Mayfield Scout Group reserves the right, at its or its representative(s) absolute discretion, to require any person attending the Event/Activity to leave the Venue if that person: • Is affected by drugs or alcohol. • Is behaving in an indecent or disorderly manner, or in a manner that is offensive to Mayfield Scout Group’s representative(s) or any other person. • Is a risk to the safety of others and/or the safety of the Venue and any property within the Venue. • Fails to comply with a lawful request of any of Mayfield Scout Group’s representative(s); k) Obtain and comply with all permissions, licences and/or consents required for the holding of the Event/Activity; l) Comply with all Acts, regulations, bylaws and/or rules relevant to the Event/Activity; m) Ensure that all chairs and/or tables are returned to the designated areas at the end of each Event/Activity; n) Ensure that the venue’s heat pumps (if utilised) are powered off before vacating the venue. o) Ensure that the Venue is returned to its original condition (i.e. clean and tidy) after each Event/Activity which shall include (but is not limited to): • the removal of all foodstuffs and rubbish • wiping clean all kitchen appliances and the refrigerator (if these kitchen facilities have been used) • Sweeping and mopping floors; p) Ensure that the Venue is left secure (windows closed and doors locked) and all lights are switched off and all taps turned off after each Event/Activity. q) Immediately report any damage observed to the interior and/or exterior of the Venue (e.g. vandalism, graffiti, burst pipes, etc) to Mayfield Scout Group.


Food and drink

9. Alcohol is not permitted for sale in the venue unless a special liquor licence is on display for the date and time of the booking. The Hirer can supply alcohol for a function but must have prior consent from Mayfield Scout Group before the booking commences.

Safety, Fire and Emergency procedures

10. The Hirer shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all safety precautions, as required by law, are taken to minimise and/or eliminate injury to persons attending the Event/Activity.

11. The Hirer will ensure that emergency services shall at all times have the right of entry to, and exit from, the Venue and comply with any directions that may be given by emergency personnel (e.g. fire and ambulance officers, etc).

12. The Hirer is responsible for: • Ensuring a cell phone is available at the Venue for emergency purposes. • Contacting any required emergency services • Providing a basic first aid kit. • Administering basic first aid for minor incidents.

Consequences of Breach by Hirer

13. Any breach of the Terms and Conditions of Hire may result in: • Forfeit of part or all of the Bond (if payable) • Termination of the Event/Activity • Refusal to accept future bookings • Extra charges being incurred.

14. The Hirer shall be liable for all losses or costs incurred by Mayfield Scout Group as a result of the breach of any of the Terms and Conditions and shall reimburse Mayfield Scout Group on demand. Mayfield Scout Group’s Liability

15. To the extent permitted by law Mayfield Scout Group or The Scout Association of New Zealand shall not be liable for any loss or expense whatsoever incurred by the Hirer or any third party in relation to this Agreement and/or the hire of the Venue.

Hire at Mayfield Scout Group’s Discretion

16. Mayfield Scout Group may, at its absolute discretion, refuse an application for hire.